Story of INTERNET ACADEMYInternet Academy Story


INTERNET ACADEMY was established in 1995 at Shinjuku by its 2 founders, Kazuo Ohoka and Kazuma Onishi. The idea came from the concept of simultaneous establishment of a Web creation company and a Web institute to “provide authentic skill that is useful anywhere in the world”. During the period when the institute was established, it was an era where the display of Japanese text was still not at its full capability. Therefore, INTERNET ACADEMY faced challenges against heavy odds due to it “early” establishment but its existence as the first Web institute in Japan now is a proof of its founder’s foreseeability of the future.

Japan's first Web related human resource service companyJapan's first Web related human resource service company


INTERNET ACADEMY also gave birth to Japan’s first Web related human resource service company. This made it possible for INTERNET ACADEMY graduates to expand their field of expertises. On top of that, this also brought about the synergy of gaining access to precise and up-to-date information regarding the required skills and human resource needs in various industries and companies. By integrating the Web related human resource service together with the Web creation and institute, the current Triangular business model was established.

year 2000
year 2000

Joining W3CJoining W3C

INTERNET ACADEMY’s curriculum evolved further due to its meeting W3C, the organisation led by the founder of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee. INTERNET ACADEMY welcomed Professor Isshiki, the Japanese representative of W3C as its consultant enabling the development of more accurate curriculum at a faster pace. In addition, INTERNET ACADEMY’s staff member was invited to assist in the development of curriculum and specification developments at the W3C headquarters making the start of the official W3C courses possible that was much anticipated by the Web engineers of the world.

More than 10,000 graduates and the best learning environmentMore than 10,000 graduates and the best learning environment

Year 2001

INTERNET ACADEMY is able to continuously produce evolutionary and unique optimal learning environment for Web creation precisely because it is specialised in the Web. So what is this inspiration for these ideas? Actually, since INTERNET ACADEMY’s establishment, surveys and feedback forms have been continually collected for every lesson from its students. These feedback are being shared with every staff in pursue of continual improvement. In 2001, the number of graduates surpassed 10,000. This is in no doubt an environment that has produced and improved by more than 10,000 Web creators.

Expanding globallyExpanding globally

Year 2010

From Japan’s pioneer to originated from Japan. This is the slogan and mission of Japan-born INTERNET ACADEMY. Thereupon, INTERNET ACADEMY has been attending Web technical related meetings and conferences in the World such as in the US, France, Spain, China, India etc. As a result, INTERNET ACADEMY has been able to get requests from educational institutes and corporations and set up bases from various regions as such Boston, New York, Bangalore that are considered to be some of the most advanced IT cities.

HTML 5 then, towards the futureHTML 5 then, towards the future

We hold the belief and possess the passion to “create a world where every single person has a chance regardless of the environment they are born in” and for this purpose, we have been putting in our all to spread the use of the Internet. Above all, we believe that HTML5 holds the potential of creating a revolution in education. We wish and exist for the bright future of all INTERNET ACADEMY graduates and our future students.

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