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Introduction to the Unity Game Development Engine


There is an increase in the number of games you can play on smartphones and PC browsers, and we understand that many people feel like creating one themselves. It may seem like it is difficult to get into Game Development, but if you use Unity - which can be downloaded for free - you can easily create games. Let's take a look!

What is the Unity Game Development Engine?

Unity Game Development Engine

Unity is one of the integrated development environments developed by Unity Technologies for creating games. In normal game production, you may have to spend a huge amount of time and effort to develop the functions that form the basis of a game, such as the movement of graphics and characters. But, by using Unity, you can just concentrate on the essential parts of game production.

Unity has four licenses: "Personal" for beginners and hobbyists, "Plus" for creators, "Pro" for professionals, and "Enterprise" for enterprises.

The Personal license is free, and it is possible to use it immediately after downloading. On the other hand, the others plans are paid plans, and you can find more details about them on their website.

In the case of the Personal license, the logo "Made With Unity" is displayed when the game starts up. However, since all functions are available and continuous updates are also accepted, we're confident you will be able to fully enjoy the game production process.

Skills required when developing with Unity

Skills required when developing with Unity

The skills required to handle Unity is a working knowledge of C# and JavaScript. Since it can be developed in either language, if you have web programming experience in JavaScript, you will soon get accustomed to the engine and you can start creating the game right away.

However, unlike ordinary JavaScript, JavaScript used by Unity is called UnityScript. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful, as there is a possibility that normal JavaScript programming may not work as it usually would.

The basics of JavaScript such as data types, variables, operators, arrays, for statements, if statements, and functions are unchanged, but there are some differences. We encourage you to visit documents and references before you write a program for the first time.

Unity applications

Unity applications

With Unity, you can develop action and adventure games, puzzles and quizzes, and simulations. Pokemon GO was said to be developed with Unity. You can also create games on any platform including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc.

In addition to games, Unity's attraction is that you can also create practical applications that are useful for learning and life. Applications created in Unity that can be used by university laboratories to experience VR (virtual reality), for example.

In conclusion

Because Unity can be used for free, it is an ideal introduction to Game Development. Unity has many documents and references to aid you, so if you understand JavaScript you can work on it smoothly.

Additionally, Internet Academy has been certified as one of the world's first Unity certified training centers. If you are interested in game development, please come to the free trial lesson as an introduction to Unity.

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