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In this IT Industry Guide, we cover a variety of information on how to learn to design and upgrade your existing skills. We'll also take a look at other resources you may need to supplement your design knowledge!

The IT Industry Guide is a collection of articles and resources by Internet Academy, Japan's first learning institute specialising in the Web. Here, we introduce you to industry insights in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Web Design as a Career

A Web Designer is a professional in charge of designing a website requested by a client. It is the role of a Web Designer to execute the design that the client envisions.

If you are a Web Designer who started a career in the Web industry, you can also step up to the role of a "Web Director", someone who is responsible for the overall management of a Web production project.

Web Design fundamentals

Websites that are beautiful and easy to navigate are faithful to the basic principles of design. Depending on the content and devices the site needs to be optimised for, Designers usually choose between "column layouts", "grid layouts", and "free layouts".

Additionally, employing design methodologies such as "proximity or grouping", repetition" and "contrast" may help users easily comprehend site elements. One way to learn how to do this is to use existing and successful websites as inspiration.

Choosing images, fonts, etc.

Images used in a website affect the impression and atmosphere of the site. It would be ideal if you could take pictures and draw illustrations yourself, but if that is difficult due to reasons such as time, cost, and skill restrictions, you can use stock images.

However, whenever you use materials that have not been prepared yourself, please check any copyright restrictions that may apply.

Fonts are elements that also greatly affect the user's impression of a site. Learning about typography and Web fonts are essential for all Designers.

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In conclusion

The skills that Web Designers must learn are diverse. It is a fulfilling, yet sometimes challenging career.

Using this IT Guide, Internet Academy hopes to slowly introduce you to articles about tips, tricks, advice, and resources on how to be successful in this field.

Stay tuned for more updates!