What is a Web Designer? Job Description and Future Prospects

Design is one of the key points for creating a good website. Depending on the quality of the design, the ease of use of the website, the appeal of the appearance, and the results from the web site changes dramatically. A professional that handles the design of websites and plays an important role in shaping the outcome is a Web Designer. Let's look at the work description and future prospects of Web Designers.

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Web Designer's job description

The main work of the Web Designer is to take charge of the design of the website, as requested by clients. While building the design, Web Designers need to consider the whole composition so that the client can create the website they desire. Let's take a closer look at the work process of a Web Designer.

1. Determine the composition and layout of the website

Web Designers first decide the rough layout of the website to be produced. Considering the basic configuration and the volume of the whole site, they then decide the key visuals and aesthetic appeal of the whole website.

2. Create the design for the website

The next thing to do is decide the colour of the website and make other creative decisions. Using a graphics software such as "Illustrator" or "Photoshop", Designers decide the color scheme of the website, the arrangement of logos and icons, etc. All of this work is carried forward while consulting with the client.

3. Coding the website

After obtaining the agreement of the client on the rough layout of the website, the next step is to code the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - which are languages that usually make up a website. HTML displays text and images, and CSS specifies placement, font, font size, color, etc., Dynamic content is created using JavaScript. Designers are also conscious of a user's ease of use and appearance, and design logos and icons according to the rough layout decided in advance. Concentration and perseverance are essential for Web Designers because final design adjustments are done in millimeters.

It may seem like a Web Designer just spends most of their time in front of a personal computer, but they must also be equipped to meet people and have meetings with clients. Because it is necessary to carefully follow a client's request about the website, it is

How to become a Web Designer?

To become a Web Designer, no special qualification is necessary. With knowledge and skills, you can get jobs even if you are inexperienced. Of course, if you have work experience related to the Web in the past, or you have gone to a Web Institute and acquired advanced skills, you are immediately welcomed into the working force. If you are interested in Web Design, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is part of the minimum requirement. HTML and CSS are languages used when building and designing websites. Because it is a relatively simple language, basic skills can be easily acquired. In addition to the markup language, try to also learn how to use "Illustrator" and "Photoshop".

The future of Web Designers

The web industry is expanding, and along with that, the demand for Web Designers has also increased.

In addition, Web Designers may also be involved in programming and content creation, depending on the company they work for. It is common for programmers to usually write complicated programming on websites but if you can acquire these skills as well, you can grow to become a more valuable person.

The annual income of the Web Designer varies greatly depending on the form of contract etc. However, the average annual income is about 3.5 lakh INR. In addition, by understanding the programming technology which incorporates dynamic activity (such as JavaScript), and SEO measures to optimise attracting customers from search engines, the estimated annual income is likely to increase. Additionally, by accumulating experience as a Web Designer, you can get promoted to teh position of Web Director and Web Producer in the future. That again increases your annual income significantly.

In conclusion

The job of a Web Designer is suitable for those who like design, and to constantly acquire new knowledge and skills. If this sounds like something that interests you, we hope you choose a career in Web Design!