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At Internet Academy, we want to help people get where they want to be - from people who want to add to their diverse skillsets, to companies that are looking for talent or who want more from their employees.

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    If you want to know more about how we do things, come sit in one of our classes and get a feel for our lesson style and teaching methods!

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    Need help figuring out a new course of action? Talk to our career guides and pick out a path that suits your needs.

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Feel free to contact us via phone or send us an e-mail. We will answer any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have any Web background to attend a course?

    For the most part, no. Most of our courses aim to be self-contained, so all you need is a keen interest to learn! Some of our intermediate and advanced courses do require a little previous knowledge, however. We recommend speaking to our Course Coordinators to see what fits you best.

  • Are there any course options for people with a busy schedule?

    Of course! We have batches running on both - weekdays and weekends. Feel free to choose batch timings that fit into your schedule.

  • How much does a course cost?

    Courses are priced according to the market value of the skills you will be learning. Course fees also depend on the combination of courses you choose to take. Please speak to our Course Coordinators for more details.

  • Do I have to buy a laptop or any software to attend my classes?

    Not at all. We provide computers with all necessary software pre-installed for the course duration at our Institute.

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For Businesses

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    Interested in hiring some of the best Web Designers and Developers? Let us help you find the right person for your company.

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What is Internet Academy?

Internet Academy is a Web Training Institute and Member of the W3C.
Founded in Japan in 1995, Internet Academy has centers in Tokyo, New York, Boston, and Bangalore.

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