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Course Introduction

Advance Your Development SkillsPHP & MySQL

PHP is a widely-used scripting language used in Web Development, in combination with HTML. In this course, you will learn the basics of PHP and MySQL to enhance your website by storing and using customer data, and generating dynamic page content.

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  • Learning to
    create dynamic
  • Increasing the reach of your website
    Becoming a
  • Improving your skill value in the job market
    your skill as a
    Web Developer

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  • PHP You will learn the basics of the programming language
    and how to process and manipulate user data.
  • MySQL Learn how to use the popular open-source relational database management system to store and process data.
  • Web Forms Allow users to input data on your website, and learn how to collect and process it further according to your needs.
  • Databases Learn about database management and how to insert, select, delete and update stored data.
  • WordPress Learn to install, customise, and work with the popular content management system, based on PHP and SQL.

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Highlight 1 Learn from an
Experienced Production Company

The fastest way to become a professional is to learn from one. ITRA, our Sister Company, handles a huge variety of Web related projects and keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends that are happening all over the world. This is our secret to crafting courses that are flexible and high in quality.

Production company

Tokyo National University/ Japan Meteorological Agency/ JETRO/
NTT Urban Development/ University of Tsukuba/ Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering/ Ginza Cozy Corner/ Sanrio Pompomu pudding/ JAF/
Bell Jouvence Agency/ Pierre Mantoux/
iPhone App for Tokyo Shoko Research/ Konica Minolta, Inc. / Sanrio Co., Ltd.

Amongst many others

Highlight 2 Learn from
Experienced Developers in the Field

We ensure that every instructor undergoes extensive training in the related subject matter and in classroom psychology. Additionally, each instructor works on live projects and brings their learning and experience from this to you, in the classroom.

Project Lead Yusuke Matsumura

Project Lead
Yusuke Matsumura

With 18 years of experience in the Web field, and 14 in the Education field, Yusuke is the Project Lead for our India Operations - spearheading our Web Development initiatives.

Web UI Developer Asha Rani

Web UI Developer
Asha Rani

A skilled Web Developer with a background in Multimedia studies, Asha's expertise includes creating highly interactive websites for a number of our projects.

Web Design Vinay

Web Designer
A Vinay

A Multimedia graduate passionate about Design. Vinay's expertise enables him to create new and innovative solutions for our client's projects.

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We are invested in you, and one of our top priorities is to ensure that you have a firm understanding of how the Web Industry works. Our Career Counsellors dedicate their time into making sure you feel confident and ready to tackle all potential interviews!

  • Professional advice

    Professional advice For building your portfolio Even if this is your first time building a website, don't worry! Our professional trainers and counsellors are there to support you. We will provide you with advice and support to build a web portfolio that will help you at interviews.

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    Individual support Resume Advice / Mock Interview Our Career Production Team will support you in following your career plan. In addiction to providing advice, we also help you prepare for prospective jobs by screening your resume and conducting mock interviews.

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    For graduates Placement and Job Offers We are frequently contacted by various corporations regarding the availability and technical expertise of graduates from Internet Academy. After you complete your course, we will provide you with an opportunity to meet the concerned representatives of the companies that suit your career plan.

Start with free counselling and
a trial lesson.

Meet our Course Coordinator and attend a free lesson to see how our classes work. Meet our Course Coordinator and attend a free lesson.

PHP & MySQL Course Data

  • Course fee
    ₹ 22,500
  • Batches
  • Course duration
    1.5 - 2 months
  • Support
    Code Review & Practice

Course Content

  • PHP Basics

    • Overview & Features
    • Building Environment
    • Basic Syntax
    • Structure & Basic Operations
    • Numbers & String Processing
    • Variables
    • Arrays & Associative Arrays
    • Operators
    • Conditional Statements
    • Repeat Syntax

    Web Programming Basics

    • Functions
    • Function Types
    • File Operations
    • String Manipulation
    • Array Control
    • Time
    • User-defined Functions
    • Variable Localisation
    • Environment Variables


    • Basics
    • Form Processing
    • Form Creation
    • Handling HTML Elements
    • Screen & Directory Structure

    Developing an Online Forum

    • Planning & Processing
    • User Input Data Pre-treatment
    • Mode Management
    • Online Forum Basics
    • Process Flow
    • Folder Structure
    • Bulletin Board
    • Applications
    • Password Encryption

    Object Oriented Programming & Database Basics

    • Introductions
    • Classes
    • Databases
    • Creating a Database
    • Inserting & Extracting Data
    • Updating & Deleting Data
    • Applications
    • Combining & Altering Data
    • Database Migration
  • Cookies and Sessions

    • Introduction
    • Preserving Cookies
    • Acquiring Cookies
    • Sessions
    • Specification Design of Web Systems
    • System Development Workflow
    • Screen Design / Screen Transition
    • Database Design
    • Inventory Control
    • Product Registrations
    • Folder Structure

    Debugging & Security Measures

    • Introduction
    • Understanding PHP Errors
    • Exception Handling
    • Regular Expressions
    • Fundamental Security Measures
    • Cross-site Scripting
    • SQL Injection
    • Null Byte Attack
    • Session Hijacking
    • Buffer Overflow
    • Click Jacking
    • SVGGraph
    • mPDF


    • Introduction
    • Intro to CMS
    • WordPress Benefits
    • WordPress Installation
    • Dashboard & Basics
    • Articles & Pages
    • Widgets
    • Creating Original Themes
    • Theme Directory Configuration
    • Theme Directory Configuration
    • Headers and Footers
    • Front-page.php
    • Index.php
    • Plug-ins
    • Application Settings

Testimonial Hear what our students have to say

Inividual attention to students

Completely fascinated by the applications

Suganya Mohan

This course helped me master Back-end coding with PHP. It gave me a variety of ideas, such as making a database of customers or products and a login page for my site. Using the CMS also allowed me to edit the original blogging system. I was completely fascinated by PHP through this course.

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