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Customisation Examples

If you want to switch from Desktop Publishing to the Web

Web Design + Web Development

Recommended for people from the Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design background who would like to expand their skillset to include Web Production. This course combination will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Web Design and how to plan, create and launch a website.

If you want to create an E-Commerce Website

Web Design + Web Development + PHP & MySQL + Digital Marketing

From the basics of Web Production, you will learn the technology necessary to create an E-Commerce site. Additionally, you will also gain knowledge about Web Marketing, an essential skill for attracting customers and increasing business revenue.

If you want to market your product on all platforms

Web Design + Web Development + Responsive Web Design + Digital Marketing

Simply creating a website in today's competitive world is no longer enough. This course combination ensures that you get the skills you need to optimise your website for display across a wide range of devices, and market your services for an increased online presence.

If you want to create a landing page for your application

JAVA Fundamentals + Android App Development + Web Design + Web Development

Build an impressive Android Application by following techniques from our authorised Android ATC curriculum, as well as a landing page for users looking to explore the features of your application on a PC.

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