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Course Introduction

Drive Traffic to Your WebsiteDigital Marketing

The world is going digital, and the advertising sector is not an exception! All companies today increasingly spend a lot of effort on the Web marketing space. If you want to learn the core techniques and strategies on how to optimise traffic to your site, this is the course for you.

Recommended for

  • mobile-friendly websites
    Improving the
    SEO ranking of
    your website
  • Increasing the reach of your website
    Increasing the
    online engagement
    of your business
  • Improving your skill value in the job market
    Advertising your
    product / service

You are welcome to join Internet Academy
whether you are a beginner or advanced learner.


  • SEO Learn and use Search Engine Optimisation to increase the visibility of your site on user search results.
  • Google Search Console Use webmaster tools and techniques to maintain and create search-engine friendly sites.
  • Google AdWords Create online ad campaigns and strategies for advertising your business using the Google AdWords service.
  • E-mail Marketing Draft and send out well-designed effective e-mail campaigns as a form of promotional marketing.
  • Social Media Improve engagement and brand recognition by creating and implementing an effective social media presence.
  • Google Analytics Gain insights into user behaviour and demgraphic data on your website or app by using the Google Analytics service.
  • Remarketing Learn to create dynamic ad targeting lists and capitalise on user interest in your product or service.
  • Website Performance Analysis Analyse user behaviour on your site and develop strategies to improve user experience, site performance, and traffic.

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Highlight 1 Learn from an
Experienced Production Company

The fastest way to become a professional is to learn from one. ITRA, our Sister Company, handles a huge variety of Web related projects and keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends that are happening all over the world. This is our secret to crafting courses that are flexible and high in quality.

Production company

Tokyo National University/ Japan Meteorological Agency/ JETRO/
NTT Urban Development/ University of Tsukuba/ Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering/ Ginza Cozy Corner/ Sanrio Pompomu pudding/ JAF/
Bell Jouvence Agency/ Pierre Mantoux/
iPhone App for Tokyo Shoko Research/ Konica Minolta, Inc. / Sanrio Co., Ltd.

Amongst many others

Highlight 2 Learn from
Experienced Developers in the Field

We ensure that every instructor undergoes extensive training in the related subject matter and in classroom psychology. Additionally, each instructor works on live projects and brings their learning and experience from this to you, in the classroom.

Marketing Strategist tanya

Marketing Strategist
Tanya Mandal

A Marketing Strategist with expertise in SEO and Content Strategy, Tanya is currently a resident W3C Marketing Fellow at ERCIM, France, on behalf of Internet Academy.

Web developer pallavi

Web Developer
Km Pallavi

A versatile Front-end Web Developer, Pallavi’s skill extends into the design and development of responsive websites optimised for viewing across all devices.

Web Developer Aishwarya

Web Developer
Aishwarya V

A talented Front-end Web Developer, Aishwarya's specialisation extends to the field of SEO, creating search-engine friendly websites for optimised traffic and reach.

Highlight 3 Courses for everyone!
Acheive your career goals.

We understand that everyone has different skill levels and lifestyles. That's why, at Internet Academy, we try to customise our courses according to your convenience.

Whether you are a beginner or have some coding experience, we have a course for you! Combine courses to customise all the skills you need for that new job, a fresh career path, or just to upgrade your skills.

  • I want to jointhe Web Industry

    Of course! Beginner to advanced
    courses available

  • I want to be a freelancer

    Of course! Combine courses &
    acquire skills needed

  • Upgrade skills for my job

    Of course! Learn the latest tech
    you can use at work

  • I want to master in-demand skills

    Of course! Join our bootcamp
    for career success

  • I want to learn while working

    Of course! Weekend classes
    for your convenience

Highlight 4 Career Support after Course Completion

We are invested in you, and one of our top priorities is to ensure that you have a firm understanding of how the Web Industry works. Our Career Counsellors dedicate their time into making sure you feel confident and ready to tackle all potential interviews!

  • Professional advice

    Professional advice For building your portfolio Even if this is your first time building a website, don't worry! Our professional trainers and counsellors are there to support you. We will provide you with advice and support to build a web portfolio that will help you at interviews.

  • Individual support

    Individual support Resume Advice / Mock Interview Our Career Production Team will support you in following your career plan. In addition to providing advice, we also help you prepare for prospective jobs by screening your resume and conducting mock interviews.

  • Placement and job offers

    For graduates Placement and Job Offers We are frequently contacted by various corporations regarding the availability and technical expertise of graduates from Internet Academy. After you complete your course, we will provide you with an opportunity to meet the concerned representatives of the companies that suit your career plan.

Start with free counselling and
a trial lesson.

Meet our Course Coordinator and attend a free lesson to see how our classes work. Meet our Course Coordinator and attend a free lesson.

Digital Marketing Course Data

  • Course fee
    ₹ 22,500
  • Batches
  • Course Duration
    1.5 - 2 months
  • Support
    Strategy Review & Practice

Course Content

  • Web Marketing and SEO

    • Introduction
    • Internal Measures For SEO
    • SEO External Measures
    • Web Master Tools

    Google AdWords

    • Overview of Advertising
    • Campaigns and Ad Groups
    • Ranking Structure
    • Authorised Advertising
    • Bid Adjustments

    Google Display Network

    • Advertising on Display Networks
    • Targeting
    • Video Ads
    • YouTube

    Advanced AdWords Tools

    • Adwords Tools
    • Advanced Ads
    • User & Account Management
  • Content Strategy

    • Web Content Strategy
    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media

    E-mail Marketing

    • Introduction
    • Effective Strategies for E-mail Marketing
    • Creating an E-mail Campaign

    Google Analytics

    • Introduction
    • Analysing User Behaviour
    • Remarketing
    • Analytics Reports
    • Filters

Testimonial Hear what our students have to say

Experience and practical knowledge

Experience and practical knowledge

Madhu Kumar

Before I joined the Digital Marketing Course, I wasn't very sure what "Digital Marketing" meant. I also took the Graphic and Web Development course here. Digital Marketing course gave me an idea of how we can drive traffic to our Website. I am quite satisfied with this course because I think, I couldn't have gained this much experience and practical and knowledge all by myself.

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