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Dulal Deb

Placed in an International Life Sciences & Healthcare Company

Web Design & Web Development Course


Dulal is a B.Tech Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, and a graduate of our Web Development and Web Design Courses. He currently works as a Web Designer at an International Life Sciences & Healthcare Company after being placed by our Career Support Team.

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Web Design & Web Development

Plan, Create and Launch Your Website

This course combination covers the entire Front-end Web Development lifecycle. From planning the site, to designing, coding, and hosting it, it gives you the skills you need to be a professional Web Designer and Developer.

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My Interest in the Web

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate, and I have always had an interest in Web Development. After my graduation, I wanted to join a good, reputed company in Bangalore, as well as learn more about the Web field.

So, I did a bit of research on the internet for the top institutes to learn from, and found that Internet Academy was the only institute in Bangalore that is a member of the W3C. This is what convinced me to join.

Detailed and Well-explained Courses

My experience here at Internet Academy was very good. The process of teaching and the course contents provided are well-explained, and in a detailed manner.

The courses I have learnt at Internet Academy have also really helped me to understand concepts more deeply during my training period at my new company.

Focus on the Skills you Want

I would like to thank all Internet Academy members and staff for their support in helping me get placed in my current company.

For anybody that is considering joining the Web Field, I would like to say - Web Development, and pretty much all the technologies related to the Web world, are very interesting and enjoyable. I admit that it will take a while for an individual to become a master at everything, but my advice is to completely focus on what you want to be good at till you get all the skills you need.

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What is Internet Academy?

Internet Academy is a Web Training Institute and Member of the W3C.
Founded in Japan in 1995, Internet Academy has centers in Tokyo, New York, Boston, and Bangalore.

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