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Kavya V.K Shetty

Working at The Rubixion as a Senior SEO and SMO Analyst

Digital Marketing Course


Kavya has a Diploma in Electronics and Communication, and is a graduate of our Digital Marketing course. She currently works as a Senior SEO / SMO Analyst at The Rubixion, in Bangalore.

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Digital Marketing

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Quality Education to Gain a Better Position

I am from Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka, and I was working as an SEO Analyst at a company in Bangalore. However, I wasn't satisfied with my growth there, so I decided to look for a way to upgrade my skills in the same domain and gain a better position.

I started searching for courses, and then I found Internet Academy. Once I got here, I did not hesitate to join as I felt it was the right place for me to improve my Digital Marketing skills and accelerate my career.

Great Learning Environment

The learning experience at Internet Academy helped me gain a real understanding of the subject and the training material provided was very helpful and easy to understand. This further improved my skills. The instructors were very friendly and supportive throughout the duration of my course.

After the completion of the Digital Marketing course at Internet Academy, I implemented my skills at work and I started getting appreciated by my company. This vastly improved my confidence level, which was an additional bonus!

Now, I am working as a Senior SEO Analyst and I absolutely love my job as I get to work directly with the clients.

Specialise in Your Field

I would like to thank all Internet Academy members and staff for their support in helping me upgrade my career.

For anybody who needs training in Digital Marketing, I would like to say - Internet Academy is the right place for it. I admit that it will take a while for an individual to improve in their work, but my suggestion would be to completely focus on your goal, work hard, and you will definitely grow!

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