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Launching My Career as a Freelancer

Certified in Google AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising
Digital Marketing & Web Design Course

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Ranjitha is an MBA Marketing graduate and a graduate of our Digital Marketing and Web Design Courses. She is now certified in Google AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising.


Joining Internet Academy

I am originally from Sakleshpur Taluk in Karnataka, around 5 hours away from Bangalore.

Before starting my courses here at Internet Academy, I was a housewife. I was interested in learning a course, and while looking at a few places online, I came across Internet Academy.

I liked the ambience, and it seemed like it had a friendly and approachable staff and knowledgeable instructors, in addition to the course content. So that was what helped me decide to join here.

Supportive Staff

The staff at Internet Academy were very supportive. The classes were quite interactive, and the instructors were always available for any queries we had. There was enough encouragement to think out of the box.

Class Atmosphere

The overall atmosphere at Internet Academy was very friendly and lively, with extremely knowledgeable staff giving us enough time to address our concerns.

Passing the Google Certification

I took up the Web Design and Digital Marketing courses at Internet Academy. I have always been interested to explore my creative side, and it falls in line with my degree and my choice of career.

I decided to take the exam after my course to asses what I have learnt and use the certification to prove my skills in the industry. I am happy to say I got a score of 99/100 on the exam.

My plans now are to utilise the training received at Internet Academy and incorporate it in to my career as a freelancer.

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