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From a Beginner to a Freelancer


Tanisha. C

Working at Pharma Jobs as a Freelancer

Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course


Tanisha is a graduate of Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore, and of our Full-time Coding Bootcamp course. She is currently working as a PHP and Bootstrap freelancer for Pharma Jobs, located in Hyderabad.

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Full-time Coding Bootcamp

Comprehensive Design and Development

This course is a comprehensive fast-track course that covers the Web Design and Web Development cycle, and aims to teach you the skills you need to gain a competitive edge in the Web industry.

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Building a Strong Foundation

I am from Bangalore, Karnataka. After my university courses, I started getting interested in Web Development and wanted to become a freelancer in the Web Development field.

So, looked for training courses on the internet, and found courses at Internet Academy fit what I was looking for. I was still a little unsure about how to plan my next steps, so I visited the Career Counsellor at the academy.

He made me understand the various course modules and the upcoming opportunities in the Web industry, as well as what it takes to work as a freelancer. This helped me decide to start with my basics at Internet Academy.

Practical Learning Experience

My learning experience at Internet Academy was very practical. Every theory-based topic that I learnt in the class was implemented in the practice sessions, which helped me gain a better understanding of the concepts.

The staff members were very helpful and cooperative with all the students. And the effort that the instructors put into building my knowledge was far more than what I expected.

From a Beginner to a Freelancer

For anybody who wants a freelancing career, I would like to say - Web Development, and pretty much all the technologies related to the Web world, are very interesting and enjoyable. Freelancing has a good scope in the Web field, but my advice is to first completely focus on achieving strong skills to start a project on your own.

I would like to thank all Internet Academy members and staff for their support in helping me start my project with strong foundation of skills.

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