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Anwesha Debnath

Worked at Syntel International Pvt. Ltd. and Cognizant Technology Solutions

Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course


Anwesha has pursued her Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication, and is a graduate of our Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course. She has three years of work experience in mainframe technology from Syntel International Pvt. Ltd, and Cognizant Technology Solutions, in Chennai.

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Full-time Coding Bootcamp

Comprehensive Design and Development

This course is a comprehensive fast-track course that covers the Web Design and Web Development cycle, and aims to teach you the skills you need to gain a competitive edge in the Web industry.

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Upgrading my Skills and Switching my Career

I am from Agartala, Tripura, and I have three years of work experience behind me. However, I wanted to switch my field, as I did not feel my previous job was challenging me enough. This made me want to upgrade my skills in some of the current technologies that are in demand in the industry today.

My focus was on Web Development, and that is how I discovered Internet Academy. I learnt about their Bootcamp Course, and was really impressed with the course structure. It included several modules on various topics, which convinced me to join the course.

Great Start with Web Technology

The learning experience at Internet Academy was very nice, the trainers are really good and come up with interesting examples for better understanding and clarity.

After completing the Bootcamp course at Internet Academy, I acquired a range of Web Development skills that will be really useful for the modern Web market place. I am now very confident that I can surely achieve my dreams.

Excellent Career Growth

I would like to thank Internet Academy because, even after I had three years of experience, I did not like to work in my field, and I did not see any growth in terms of career.

Now, with deeper understanding about topics I learnt here, and the best support from the instructors that I could expect, I am very confident about my career.

I was initially inspired to learn Web Development from my husband, who is also a Web Developer. After successfully completing the course and my project, in which Internet Academy gave me a great start with Web technology, both of us now have plan to start our own business and work together.

I am excited for the future!

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