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A New Perspective on the Design Field

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Johnson. G

Placed at Dotline Web Media as a UI Developer

Web Design & Web Development Course


Johnson is a B.Tech Graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, and a graduate of our Web Design and Web Development Courses. He previously worked as a Junior SEO Analyst. On completion of his courses at Internet Academy, he was placed at Dotline Web Media Pvt. Ltd. as a UI Developer.

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Web Design & Web Development

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This course combination covers the entire Front-end Web Development lifecycle. From planning the site, to designing, coding, and hosting it, it gives you the skills you need to be a professional Web Designer and Developer.

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My Journey to Professional Website Creation

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate, and I am from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about how websites were created and managed, and this developed into a great interest for the Web field.

To learn how to create websites professionally, I chose Internet Academy, since I liked their teaching method and the way they encourage you to implement the things learnt in class.

Improving my Skillset

The learning experience at Internet Academy was great, the instructors cleared every single doubt I had, and also helped me have a standard coding practice. They also taught me tips and tricks to better manage my time and effort. This really helped me hone my skills.

Before joining this course I did not even have basic hands-on experience in Graphic and Web Design, but now I have a new perspective on the design field.

Building My Website

I see a lot of improvement in my skills. The project I did here has really helped me deeper understand the topics I learnt in class. I have now created my own website - which is a book reading website.

The course I chose contains all the knowledge for a professional designer and a developer, and makes it easier to understand the other frameworks that are needed for Web Development.

My Achievements at Internet Academy

The course really exceeded my expectations. Following the guidance of my instructors and the knowledge I gained at Internet Academy, I participated in the coding and the design competition held here, among the students.

I won the first place in the Web Design Competition and second place in Web Development Competition!

Winning the competitions made me very happy and confident of the quality of skills I have gained from Internet Academy. Winning the prize from amongst other students really boosted my confidence in starting my career down this new path.

Measuring Your Success

I am very thankful for the support I received here, and for the competitions that were held. It gave every student that participated an opportunity to prove their skills and get feedback on the factors they still have to improve.

I agree that sometimes we may face confusion in choosing our careers, but my advice is to find out and completely focus on what you really like, and always try to learn new things.

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