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Beginning a Freelancing Career


Keerthi . R

Working as a Freelancer

Web Design & Web Development Course


Keerthi has pursued her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering, and is a graduate of our Web Design and Web Development Courses. She is currently working as a freelancer.

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Web Design & Web Development

Plan, Create and Launch Your Website

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Exploring the Freelance Scene

I am from Kolar Grid Fields, Karnataka and I work as a freelancer. Nowadays, freelancing has a lot of scope in the job market. It offers a lot of flexibility, and I feel like I can enhance my knowledge and skills for a great career opportunity as a freelancer.

A friend and I found Internet Academy online when trying to decide on a center for learning Web Design and Web Development. We then attended a demo session and we loved the overall atmosphere and the way of teaching, so both of us decided to join together.

Attention Given to Each Student

The learning experience at Internet Academy was very good. I always got an opportunity to discuss my questions with trainers who have experience working on projects.

They were able to concentrate on individual students as they had limited the seating in each batch. Also, the booklets helped me in clearly understanding the topic.

My Interest in Beginning a Freelancing Career

The main reason for my interest in freelancing was that I could not work in a company after my graduation and had to help my family at home. However, I was very passionate about developing my skills and working on projects.

The Web industry is one that provides great opportunities for freelancers and that was what made me choose this field without a second thought. As a beginner freelancer, I have not yet worked on a full-time Web project, but I have already worked on designing logos for clients.

Guided Learning Method

I really liked the teaching style at Internet Academy as the instructors were knowledgeable and friendly. They helped me to understand the basics and then moved to the difficult concepts.

This step by step learning process gave me a good grasp of the topics.

Taking the Next Step

I would like to thank Internet Academy because, as a fresher, the course here helped me get the right skills to start my career.

They supported me until I completed my project and the guidance they gave me was really good.

I have now developed the confidence that my skills and the knowledge I have gained will help me take the next step as a freelancer and work on a variety of projects.

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