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The Web is Essential to Business Development


Muhammed TA

Currently runs a company called Star Group

Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course


Muhammed has pursued his B-tech in Electronics and Communication, with a Diploma in Networking, MCSA, MCSE, and is a graduate of our full-time Bootcamp course. He previously worked as a Software Developer, but currently runs his own company, called Star Group.

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Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course

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This course is a comprehensive fast-track course that covers the Web Design and Web Development cycle, and aims to teach you the skills you need to gain a competitive edge in the Web industry.

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My Journey So Far

I am from Thalangara Kasaragod, Kerala. In 2006, I established a company along with four other people, called Aleemasys, and I worked there for one year as a Software Developer.

With the knowledge I gained as a Software Developer, I created windows-based applications like a school time table generator, address book, online live telecasting services, amongst others.

I later got interested in starting my own business, and 10 years down the line, I am successfully running a company named Star Group in Kasaragod.

The Web Plays a Vital Role in Today's Business

I realised that web-based technologies and the devices we use play a vital role in growing a business. In today's digital world, a company's presence on the Web is almost essential to its growth.

Being an entrepreneur, I always seek advanced ideas that would improve my business, like creating applications on a web-based platform. This, as well as the interest and passion that I have towards coding, made me choose Internet Academy to learn more about the Web.

Good Knowledge and Clarity

I really enjoyed the ambience and the teaching style. Though I was new to HTML and Web technologies, the Bootcamp Course at Internet Academy has given me a good knowledge of both designing and development. I am now confident about my skill in building a web application.

I am currently developing a web-based ERP system. In the future, I would like to evolve my career and business towards something more web-based.

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