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Satish Badugu

Placed at Aimglobal.Mobi as a UI Designer and Front-end Developer

Web Design and Web Development


Satish is an Internet Academy graduate from Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh, and has pursued a B.Tech in Computer Science. He previously worked at Macropace Technologies before his course at Internet Academy and is currently working at Aimglobal.Mobi, after being placed by our Career Support team.

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Deciding My Career Path

When I first visited Internet Academy, I had been thinking a lot about my career and goals. I was very interested to learn about Web Design was searching for courses about it. This is how I found the institute.

Once I came here, a Counsellor gave me an overview of the current trends and the career paths in this field. I then decided to choose the Web Design and Web Development course here.

My Classroom Experience

The course was interesting and I had a lot of fun in learning new things that I had never come across. The commitment that me and my batch mates had towards the Web Design and Web Development course made the class more interactive and productive. This helped us to do our final projects well.

The institute had good infrastructure and positive teachers who always motivated me to be very excited about what I am doing.

I felt that the investment and the duration of the course at Internet Academy was the right option for me to choose. It was not too long, and not too short. Overall, I had a really good experience.

Increased Confidence and Growth

The education at Internet Academy has changed my life as the instructors invested a lot of effort in teaching and helping me grow.

They supported me in my journey to improve my knowledge and pursue my dreams in the Web field and bring my talents to the forefront.

Realising what I am good at made me confident and a better person.

Learning About the Web Industry

The course put me on the path to learning the skills I was interested in.

To work in a company as a fresher in a Web field, professional and current skills are very important. I am very happy to say that I could achieve this at Internet Academy, as it gave me a great start in the Web Industry.

Getting Placed as a UI Designer and Front-end Developer

After my course, I attended interviews and the team here helped me to get placed after I completed my project successfully. I now work as a UI Designer and Front-end Developer

I feel really proud when people ask me about my job and take advice from me to get into the Web field like I did.

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