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S. Balaji

Placed at YG-Connect as a Web Developer

Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course


Balaji is from Tamil Nadu and has pursued a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science. He travelled to Bangalore in search of opportunities to further his career and enter the Web Industry and currently works as a Web Developer at YG-Connect.

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Full-time Coding Bootcamp Course

Comprehensive Design and Development

This course is a comprehensive fast-track course that covers the Web Design and Web Development cycle, and aims to teach you the skills you need to gain a competitive edge in the Web industry.

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Choosing a Field With Vast Career Options

I am from a village in Tamil Nadu, and after I graduate from college, my father wanted me to take over his business as a fish contractor. However, I wanted to try to make my own way in life and start a new career.

I left my village and came to Bangalore, which was a big dream for me. Bangalore is a very beautiful city with emerging IT companies and good job opportunities and rapid career growth. But I realised that a good skill set is key to growing in any field, especially IT.

Since I am from a Computer Science background, I thought learning to code better can serve me well in my career. I searched online for programming courses and found that HTML and CSS are technologies that are in demand since they are used to create websites, and opens a lot of doors for creative minds.

I found Internet Academy and saw that they offered courses in this. I met the counsellor who suggested the Design and Development Bootcamp. It has a lot of sub courses in it that are of great value and that impressed me a lot. It also helped that it was designed for freshers like me.

Very Convenient Learning Environment

Studying at Internet Academy was extremely convenient. The institute's infrastructure is well planned and every student is provided with a laptop or desktop on each desk. There is also a monitor that shows us whatever actions the instructors perform on their system, which helps us easily understand all the steps we need to take to proceed.

It is a great foundation, where we get to open our minds to different new things. I had a great time here and Internet Academy developed me a lot as a professional. We get access to many new things that can help us to develop our personality and I feel much more at ease and confident in the decisions I make in my life.

Developing Skills for the Web Industry

I felt like the course was detailed but also offered me a lot of flexibility. The Bootcamp course immediately made us work on practice assignments after classes, where I could apply everything we just learnt. Doing this really inspired me to explore various concepts in coding.

Before going through this course, I was very worried about my future. But with every new skill I learnt here, my confidence kept growing and growing.

The course has currently started to show results in my new job and I am really happy to see that I have successfully made progress in advancing my career.

Learning the Basics

Internet Academy focuses on teaching what you need in order to succeed and the instructors implement the subjects they are teaching in projects too, which provides us with useful information.

The Web Development classes were very good as the trainers start off with the basics and really lay the foundation for good grasp of the subject. The trainers always approach the students and help them which makes the program great.

This course gave me an absolute foundation in important skills needed for my career to succeed. I am now trained properly on how to create websites from scratch and many other important skills.

Attention Given During Classes and Project Sessions

Learning at Internet Academy changed my life dramatically, because of the ways I learnt concepts from small to big, and grew as a professional.

Trainers at Internet Academy provide individual attention during the classes and project sessions. The explanations of every aspect of website design and coding was just fantastic, and the students were able to easily grasp what was being taught.

The instructors are really passionate about their job and they are more of a friend that can help us along on our journey.

The trainers also provide key tips to the mindset required before entering the industry, which helped me a lot to perceive my role as a Web Developer and eventual roles in the Web Industry.

I am impressed with the overall development they give to the students.

Advice for Future Web Developers

I am very happy about finding a new career as a Web Developer, working on new projects and building a great professional life. I am thankful to Internet Academy for providing me with a rewarding learning experience.

My advice to the students currently at Internet Academy is to make sure you practice the assignments given by the instructors and attended all the classes in the course. Practice really does make perfect and it will help you get the most out of each class. All the best for your new adventure!

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