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Message From Our Board Members

Internet Academy Board of Advisors

This page reflects the opinions and proposals from experts in various fields and business operations. (In no particular order)

Thomas Blackwood

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Japan Program Manager


There is always innovative research being held at MIT, which results in many Nobel Prize winners produced from this Institute. The application of Internet technology is one of the most attractive and cutting-edge study fields today. I am really looking forward to seeing the graduates contribute to the world after learning the latest in the Web from Internet Academy.

Takayuki Handa

President of Webstaff Co., Ltd.
Part-time Lecturer in Kyushu University


People say that skill development is difficult in today's Web Industry because the speed of the diversification in occupations is very fast. Even in such a situation, the capability and flexibility of the graduates from Internet Academy is valued greatly by the market. I strongly recommend that you visit Internet Academy if you are considering upgrading your skillset, and acquire the technical solutions for various business needs.

Tadashi Yoshimasa

Chairman of Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP
Chairman of Business OSS Consortium Japan (BOSS-CON-JAPAN)
First Manager of TurboCE


PHP Professionals are in the highest demand in the market. However, the lack of the standard skill set is becoming a big challenge in the human resource field. Internet Academy, which is one of the certified Institutes of our Engineer Certification Corporation for PHP in Japan, will give you such skills in an easy and accurate way, even for beginning learners.

Toshiaki Hirata

Softbank Payment Service Corp.


Nowadays, the Internet payment system is one of the essential functionalities in our daily life, such as in E-commerce websites. On the other hand, the number of the skilled professionals in the E-commerce field is less than required and the training institutes for them are much less than that currently. That is why I recommend Internet Academy to those who want to be a professional developer and get the capability to work in the real business scene.

Susumu Hirota

Kansai Regional Council, Japan Staffing Services Association
Former Chairman


Now that people can choose their favourite work style accoring to their personal purposes or preferences, the human resource requirements of the market are becoming more detailed. High-level expertise and skillsets are getting listed in the job requirement description. Once you learn at Internet Academy and acquire the skills, a professional service provider "WebStaff" will help you get a job to use the skillset accordingly.

Yoshikatsu Doi

TV Asahi Corporation
Former Production Director


When a company is looking for human resources, expertise in Information Technology is a mandatory criteria today. In many cases, that capability will be the key to selecting that person in the hiring process. I am looking forward to Internet Academy producing such professionals, especially Project Managers, which is the most in-demand requirement in our field.

Jayant Kumar

NIIT Technologies K.K.
Country Manager


In this era of business globalisation, the skill needs to be competitive in the world. I make sure that you will learn the Web technology with the global vision in Internet Academy which has business operations in IT-leading cities, Boston and Bangalore. Please keep up your best and get the boost to work in the world.

Dr. Ruiming Shen

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Shanghai is one of the most exciting places in both - Economics and IT technology fields, and in the center is our Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We are really interested in the Japanese leading I.T. Institute, Internet Academy. We hope they will be the bridge in learning the latest technology in both China and Japan.

What is Internet Academy?

Internet Academy is a Web Training Institute and Member of the W3C.
Founded in Japan in 1995, Internet Academy has centers in Tokyo, New York, Boston, and Bangalore.

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