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Event29 Dec, 2014
Home Energy Management Systems Panel Discussion

On the 29th of December, Internet Academy India organized a Panel Discussion on Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) in Bhilai. Key Speakers at the event were Professor Masao Isshiki, Chairman of Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA HEMS) and Santanu Mukherjee, Head of Research and Development, Internet Academy Bangalore.

Introduction to HEMS

The underlying concept behind the operation of HEMS is to promote energy-efficient home management solutions hand-in-hand with maximizing comfort and ease of living. HEMS essentially creates a network of all the devices within a home, making it a “Smart Home”, and then proceeds to monitor and regulate power consumption for optimal energy management. Residents will then be able to control and track the energy utilization of these devices through a unified user-interface present on their smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Professor Isshiki currently serves as the Director of the HEMS Inter-Operability Testing Center and Smart Home Researching Center, as well as a Professor of Kanagawa Institute of Technology and Project Professor at Keio University.

Tapping into his experience of Consumer Electronics Business and International Standardization in the segment of Home-Networking at the ECHONET Consortium, which develops Global Standards for Web-based Home Network Systems, Professor Isshiki has tirelessly worked towards pushing the boundaries of HEMS networks – contributing to making them an achievable reality today.

The HEMS Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion was organized and coordinated by the Managing Director of IBJ, Mr. Jayant Kumar, with the objective of promoting the advancements in HEMS to those at the forefront of the IT Education Sector of Chhattisgarh - thus fostering creative discussion about the prospects of introducing this technology to the people of the state, and by extension, possibly to the rest of the country in the future.

INTERNET ACADEMY was grateful to have Dr. M. K. Kowar (Director of BIT, Durg), Dr. Rajendra Hegadi (Principal of KITE, Raipur), R. H. Talwekar (Vice-Principal of SSIPM, Durg), Devesh Narayan (HOD of CS branch of RCET Bhilai) and Vinay Peethambaran (Training and Placement Officer of MATS University Raipur) as Guest Speakers for the event. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to them for attending.

We were also extremely grateful to have the President of IBJ, Mr. Kazuma Onishi, present at the event. He expressed his gratitude to the State and People of Chhattisgarh for all the support that they have extended to IBJ, and his enthusiasm about the response of the panel members to the initiative undertaken by IBJ.

The “Smart Home” Concept has already been implemented in Japan, to great results. Professor Isshiki illustrated the benefits of these Smart Homes to the members of the panel, and discussions were held on the best possible course of action for the implementation of HEMS in India. As a country with the second largest population in the world, it is imperative to look into ventures that will optimize our energy conservation as a country, pushing us in the direction of more cost-effective sustainable living.

Our Head of R&D, Santanu Mukherjee, then proceeded to illustrate the working of HEMS from a technical standpoint, and listed the skill-set and prerequisites necessary for working on such a system. This will enable students and professionals alike to increase their awareness of the direction their efforts need to take in order to grasp the fundamentals, and attain proficiency in developing applications for devices that can easily integrate with HEMS.

The Guest Speakers each stressed the importance of integrating HEMS into homes across the country, and educating students at the university-level about the importance of energy conservation. Working with new and emerging technology that intrinsically appeals to the social conscience of each student makes for a powerful combination that could lead to groundbreaking results in the development of the field.

As an Advisor of IBJ, Professor Isshiki invited the members of the panel to become an active part of our organization’s efforts towards increasing awareness and development of HEMS, and urged them to promote ideas about more sustainable methods of energy consumption amongst students, academicians and the general public.

This event is to be the first of many that INTERNET ACADEMY will host to promote the latest advancements in technology and their widespread applications. We strongly believe that awareness of the newest developments is the key to inspiring further development and will endeavour to constantly deliver tidings on technology that aims to revolutionize the world. Stay tuned!

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