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Event4 Jun, 2016
Virtual Reality Meet-up in Bangalore

Trying out the Oculus Rift VR Headset

On the 4th of June, Internet Academy organised the second Bangalore VR Meetup, following the enormous response from the first meetup held last month. The focus for this event was on the development pipeline for VR projects, and two game engines primarily used for VR development - Unreal and Unity.

Overview of the event

Yusuke Matsumura, our Project Lead, started the session by introducing two game engines, Unreal and Unity that are being used for VR development. He also gave an overview of a typical project life cycle, from the tools being used to the various compatibilities and platforms that support a VR environment.

Then, Nishanth Harish Babu, our Technical Sales Representative, went on to talk about the formats and other specifics that are required, as well as the skill sets that are needed for a VR development team, which includes developers who are familiar with game engines, designers with 3D modelling experience and UI experts.

Most of the attendees were eager to learn more about VR and the tools used to develop for it, some of them being heads of startups that are looking to get into the market. We discussed the logistics and expertise that was required for them to be successful in this field.

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