17th Aug 2016Internet Academy is now a Unity Authorised Training Center

We are exceptionally happy to announce that Internet Academy is now among the first Unity Authorised Training Centers in the world!

Unity, a leading global game design engine by Unity Technologies, has developed a Certification Program that allows developers access to original Unity courseware designed to enhance their skills. You can also take the Unity Exam to become a Unity Certified Developer, gaining a competitive edge over the market.

As the one of the first Unity Authorised Training Centers in the world, we will be launching our training course in September, using the official Unity courseware and practice code.

Certified Unity Developer Course

Additionally, we will also be launching a Virtual Reality (VR) Training Course, focussed on bringing you the latest techniques on developing for the VR Industry.

Stay tuned for news about our new courses!

For more details, please feel free to contact us at +91 9902-993329