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News4 May, 2018
Internet Academy at Seamless Asia Expo


On the 4th of May, 2018, Internet Academy attended the Seamless Payments event at the Seamless Asia Expo in Singapore.

There has been an explosive growth in the number and scale of online transactions, with innovations like mobile wallets and digital currencies taking the world by storm in recent years. The Seamless Payments event looked to explore the implications of a cashless future, and how we can seamlessly transition from our present to that future.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was at the event, to talk about their work on Web Payments, and its future. Through the Web Payments Working Group, the W3C has been focused on making payments easier and more secure on the Web. On the 3rd of May, 2018, the Payment Request API achieved the Candidate Recommendation status.

Internet Academy was glad to attend the event and debut a demo of our new online education platform at the W3C booth.

Our latest service, CodePrompt, aims to help you find programming solutions through collaborative coding. We are scheduled for launch later in the year, and we're very excited to announce the news!

Stay tuned for more information!

Note: For more details on how CodePrompt works, please visit

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