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Recommended Content from Internet Academy
- Stories about the Web -

View special featured content from Internet Academy - from the history of the Web and the importance of the Web field, to the story how our company was founded.

  • The Internet Academy Story

    Internet Academy was founded in 1995 in Tokyo to provide authentic skills that would be useful anywhere in the world. Read about our journey, and our vision for the future!

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  • What is "The Web"?

    Before diving into a course, read about what the word 'Web' means. What is its history? Where is it heading? Internet Academy gives you a glimpse.

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  • Why Choose a Web Career?

    Why should you choose a career in the Web Industry? What are the benefits? What do the future prospects look like? Let's take a look!

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What is Internet Academy?

Internet Academy is a Web Training Institute and Member of the W3C.
Founded in Japan in 1995, Internet Academy has centers in Tokyo, New York, Boston, and Bangalore.

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