Our Industry Experience

We are an institute that cultivates future Web Developers and Designers. We are committed to delivering the latest know-how and the advanced techniques to our students. Since our establishment, we have produced more than 25,000 talented professionals for a variety of companies.

Meet Our Team

We ensure that every instructor undergoes extensive training in the related subject matter and in classroom psychology. This process allows our team to understand not only the subject matter, but also how people learn.

  • Web director

    Project Lead
    Yusuke Matsumura

    With 18 years of experience in the Web field, and 14 in the Education field, Yusuke is the Project Lead for our India Operations - spearheading our Web Development initiatives.

  • Web Designer

    Web Designer
    Trivikram Rao

    A talented Graphic & Web Designer with command over UI/UX Design, Trivikram is our lead Corporate Training Instructor for our local as well as International clients.

  • Marketing Strategist

    Marketing Strategist
    Tanya Mandal

    A Marketing Strategist with expertise in SEO and Content Strategy, Tanya also handles the requirement gathering and planning for a number of projects.

  • IT Engineer

    Web Developer
    Nishanth C.H

    One of our W3C Visiting Scholars at CSAIL MIT, Nishanth focuses on R&D with specialisations in the Web and VR field, as well as Curriculum Development.

  • IT Engineer

    Web UI Developer

    A Web UI Developer with over 4 years of experience, Nikita is skilled at creating responsive, multi-lingual websites. She is also an ATC certified Android Developer & Trainer.

  • IT Engineer

    Android Developer
    Sunil Dhunde

    An ATC certified Android Developer & Trainer, Sunil is also well-versed in the end-to-end implementation of Mobile Apps, Web Services and Virtual Reality Content.

  • Web designer

    Software Tester

    A versatile developer and tester, Naina is our Product Reliability expert, focused on ensuring that all our projects meet the required quality standards and expectations.

  • Web Developer

    Web Developer
    Asha Rani

    A skilled Web Developer with a background in Multimedia studies, Asha's expertise includes creating highly interactive websites for a number of our projects.

  • Web Developer

    Web Developer
    Vinodh K

    A versatile Front-end Web Developer skilled at responsive design, Vinodh ensures the creation of sites optimised for viewing across all devices, on several projects.

Our Portfolio

The fastest way to become a professional is to learn from one. ITRA, our Sister Company, handles a huge variety of Web related projects and keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends that are happening all over the world. This is our secret to crafting courses that are flexible and high in quality.