Our Industry Experience

We are an institute that cultivates future Web Developers and Designers. We are committed to delivering the latest know-how and the advanced techniques to our students. Since our establishment, we have produced more than 25,000 talented professionals for a variety of companies.

Meet Our Team

We ensure that every instructor undergoes extensive training in the related subject matter and in classroom psychology. This process allows our team to understand not only the subject matter, but also how people learn.

  • Web producer

    Chief Designer
    Kent Shikano

    He currently serves as the Chief Global Instructor of Internet Academy, and Chief Designer of Internet Academy India. He is also the resident SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist of IBJ India.

  • Web director

    Project Lead
    Yusuke Matsumura

    Our resident New Yorker, Eric is currently a Project Lead for our India Operations. He has had over 15 years of experience as a Web Developer, and over 11 years of experience in the Education field.

  • IT Engineer

    IT Engineer
    Santanu Mukherjee

    He taught Java and C++ for 17 years at the Bhilai Institute of Technology, he has also worked as the Training and Placement Officer for the same Institute.

  • Web Designer

    Web Designer
    Trivikram Rao

    A certified Front-End and Graphic Developer from our Japan Headquarters, Mr. Rao has conducted Corporate Training Sessions for major companies in Japan. He has a vast experience of handling several projects.

  • Marketing Strategist

    Marketing Strategist
    Tanya Mandal

    Tanya manages the planning and production of digital content - internally, and on projects. She handles our requirement gathering and planning for a number of projects.

  • IT Engineer

    UI/UX Developer
    Aditya Kumar

    Skilled at Interaction Design and Usability Testing, Aditya focuses on ensuring that the principles of User Experience are central to the projects we undertake.

  • IT Engineer

    Web Developer

    A Front-End Developer with over 4 years of experience. She is very skilled in Responsive Website Design and multilingual site development.

  • Web designer

    Web Developer

    A versatile developer and tester. She is focused on ensuring that all our projects meet our quality standards and expectations.

  • Web designer

    Web Developer
    Monika Sahu

    An experienced Web Programmer and Developer, Monika has worked extensively on projects from Japan and U.S.A. A graduate of BIT, Monika is an expert at PHP and Software Architecture

Our Portfolio

The fastest way to become a professional is to learn from one. ITRA, our Sister Company, handles a huge variety of Web related projects and keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends that are happening all over the world. This is our secret to crafting courses that are flexible and high in quality.