An Introduction to JavaScript for Beginners - What is JavaScript? What Can You Do With It?

For people interested in Web Development, it is essential to consider studying three technologies that form the basic building blocks of the Web - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML decides the layout and skeleton of the site, CSS defines the style, and JavaScript skills are indispensable for dynamic web pages.
In this article, we will introduce you to what you can do with JavaScript and how to approach learning it.

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language specific to the Web, and it is used to create dynamic web pages. JavaScript is a scripting language and runs in the browser (as opposed to PHP, which works on the Web server).
You can write JavaScript code directly in an HTML file, or write it in another file and link to it from an HTML file and execute it.

What can you do with JavaScript?

JavaScript is used in a wide range of scenarios. Here are examples of what you can do with JavaScript.

Creating modals and making calculations

JavaScript has many uses within a website, such as producing modals and pop-up menus to users as they browse a site. It is also responsible for making calculations on a site based on certain inputs, such as in e-commerce websites. With JavaScript, you can also make calculations about where a user's cursor is at any point and have the website respond accordingly. Which brings us to our next category. 

Browser games

With knowledge of JavaScript, you can also create games that run on web browsers. There are Javascript "libraries" that summarise frequently used JavaScript functions and "frameworks" which provide a development structure for common modules and functionalities. Using these where necessary can vastly speed up the time it would take to creating a gaming application using JS. We recommend looking for examples of browser games created with JS to inspire you to create your own.

Smartphone applications

It is also possible to develop HTML5 hybrid applications using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. Unlike native applications such as iOS applications and Android applications (applications that are installed on a terminal and do not necessarily require a network environment), the hybrid application does not require a platform (an environment where applications run), as such. The developed application will be platform-independent and will work on both iOS and Android.

How can you learn JavaScript?

JavaScript can either be learnt from a teacher by attending a class or course, or by yourself through resources available online. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The biggest advantage of learning by yourself is that you can set the pace of your learning to what suits you best. Learning by yourself enhances your research skills and ability to be independent - both valuable skills for a programmer. If you are able to systematically plan your studies and keep yourself on track, this is a definite option you should consider. 

There are many resources available for the self-learner - websites and books that will help you conquer JavaScript. However, in the event that you face difficulties with a concept, it may be harder to clear them without a teacher. This may lead to frustration, and possibly, to you giving up altogether. 

Additionally, an important aspect of learning a programming language is to practice it regularly. However, when learning by yourself, there are times where you may need the motivation to continue, and the presence of other learners or a mentor to help you stay on track. This may cause a lot of learners to discontinue, simply from a lack of external catalysts.

Attending a class

A huge advantage of attending a class is that the curriculum is organised and structured by experts already, which allows you to learn much more efficiently. It also segregates your time so that you can focus on learning in a distraction-free environment while in class, and on your hobbies and other activities outside of it. 

Also, questions can be solved by asking the instructor right away, so you won't carry forward your confusion of a topic to the next stage of the learning process. There is also the advantage of employment support once you complete your course.

However, this begs the question of how to choose the right school to learn from. Our recommendation is to think about the value that you get from investing in JavaScript expertise. JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can really give you an advantage in the job market. Try to choose an institute that provides you with quality curriculum, trained instructors, and an excellent learning environment. All these should be important factors in your decision.

In conclusion

If you would like a career as a Web Developer, the best way to go forward is with a strong foundation in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

At Internet Academy, we have a Web Design and Development Bootcamp that guides you through the entire process of planning, designing and creating a website using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We can arrange for you to have a free trial lesson, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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